# Jason Molenda's .makethumbsrc file for pages like
# http://www.molenda.com/photos/uvas-canyon-2001-12-23/

# Most of the makethumbs defaults are what I prefer, so I don't have
# to override a lot of stuff.

# I like having four columns of thumbnails.  I think it's the most you
# can include with 150x150 thumbnails without causing some users
# grief (because their browser windows are too narrow.)


# I want links to my site at the bottom of each page.  Set 'em here:

boilerplate_footer="<hr /><a href="http://molenda.us/"><i>Jason's home page</i></a> / <a href="http://molenda.us/photos/"><i>Jason's photos page</i></a>"

# I like to see how long makethumbs is taking to run.

boilerplate_before_title = "<p><a href="http://molenda.us/photos/">Jason's photos</a> -> <a href="http://molenda.us/photos/index.html#2001">2001</a> -> Hiking at Uvas Canyon, 2001-12-23</p>